Yes, we make videos!
Widescreen is a full-service, professional video production company that will bring your story to life.
From concept and scriptwriting to videography, producing and editing.

We have our own professional production gear so the prices are more competitive than using camera rental companies.

We offer a field production services across a wide range of genres - from commercials to factual and lifestyle. For Finnish and international broadcasters.
In bigger productions, we work with visionary storytellers and video-professionals.

Aleksi Nuotio (DOP) is filmed over 13-years.
Also Award-winning television series.

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New series coming on National Geographic Channel!
Sara's Australia Unveiled, Camera Crew: Widesceen
Aleksi Nuotio
Producer / DOP
+358 50 3371987

Company info:

Founded in 2010.

VAT: FI25205715


Widescreen mediatuotanto Oy
Post address: Ratakistonkatu 29 B9, 33300 Tampere, Finland

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